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We take care of your holidays in Mallorca

At the hotel we are concerned about your safety and our employees’ so that, when you visit us, you just need to worry about enjoying your stay.

That is why we have developed a comprehensive safety protocol that guarantees a safe environment for your holidays, with approved hygiene and cleanliness standards, social distancing and reduction of contacts through the digitalisation of services for your peace of mind.

All our staff members have been trained in accordance with the following safety protocol and are ready to welcome you. At the hotel we take care of you and your holidays in Mallorca.

At the reception

  • Disinfection carpets and a station for hydroalcoholic solutions are located at the hotel entrance
  • The maximum capacity of the reception area is checked, and we determine the necessary measures to ensure the distance between customers and employees with protective shields, masks, and visual elements such as distance signs between customers and receptionists.
  • Elements, devices, surfaces, and furniture are continuously disinfected after each use.
  • Keys are delivered completely disinfected to ensure the maximum security for our guests.
  • Card payment or other electronic means are recommended, and we disinfect the credit card device after each use.
  • We have personal protective equipment for our customers:
  • Disinfectant liquids *
  • Masks *
  • Disposable gloves *
  • (subject to additional charges)
  • We have information for recommended hygiene measures and digitized information about our hotel services.

In the rooms

  • The cleaning protocol has been improved, paying attention to items with a high level of contact: telephone, taps, door-handles, hair dryer, etc.
  • Surfaces, furniture, and other objects are disinfected with highly disinfectant products approved by the Ministry of Health.
  • Decorative elements such as pillows and bedspreads have been removed for hygienic reasons.
  • Textile is removed in sealed bags so that it does not come into contact with clean clothing.
  • The bed linen and towels are washed in specially prepared laundries and with absolute security of disinfection.
  • All paper in the rooms has been removed. Our reception staff offer our guests a digital alternative for all relevant information about our hotel.

Restaurant and bar

  • ”Social distancing” measures as well as standardized hygiene measures for surfaces and furniture, which may be in contact with our customers, are taken into account to ensure a safe stay.
  • Breakfast and dinner are served à la carte.
  • Frequently used items such as sugar shakers, oil and vinegar sets have been removed and we clean and disinfect dishes, cutlery. Disposable placemats are used.
  • Routes have been defined in order to avoid crowds and to guarantee the maximum permitted capacity as well as to ensure the safety distance.
  • Printed cards have been removed. A QR code system is now in use.

Public areas

  • Particular attention is paid to cleaning and disinfecting areas for general use.
  • Maximum capacities have been set up for the various public areas.
  • We have hydroalcoholic solutions at transit points and in those areas of intensive use by the clients.
  • Public toilets have a hand dryer and the bin has a non-manual opening.
  • Access to the gym is temporarily restricted. Our guests can consult our reception team about individual use on demand.
  • Regarding lifts, the rule is not to share them between people from different households unless masks are used, and preferred use of stairs is recommended.

Pool and outdoor areas

  • According to the current protocol, sun beds must be separated according to “social distancing” and the maximum capacity determined at the time.
  • A disinfectant solution approved by the Ministry of Health and registered viricidal products are applied to the furniture used by the customer in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Visual control and monitoring by the responsible person in charge whether the above activities are carried out.

Our team is ready

  • HYGIENE: Hand hygiene is considered one of the most effective measures to prevent the spread of germs and the spread of COVID-19. We urge our employees and recommend our guests to wash their hands frequently with soap and warm water. Disinfection gels for regular use are located in all the work areas.
  • PROTECTION: The entire team uses protective elements such as gloves and masks.
  • TRAINING: All our employees have received special training in hygiene and safety against Covid-19.
  • EMPLOYEES AREA – BACK OFFICE: We have applied the same reinforcements for hygiene and safety measures as well as the same distance regulations.

Our recommendations

  • Hand hygiene is one of the most effective measures to prevent the spread of germs and to prevent COVID-19 infection. We remind you to accomplish frequent hand washing with soap and warm water. Disinfectant gels for regular use are available in public areas.
  • We recommend using masks in public areas and when leaving the hotel.
  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze with your elbow or a disposable handkerchief.
  • Observe the physical distances to be maintained in the hotel through signs, protective shields, and restructuring of the furniture.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • We provide information about preventive measures at various points at the hotel.
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