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Daniel Bonet López

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97U45 - del 10.06.2016 al 17.06.2016

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Entrada: 10.06.2016
Salida: 14.06.2016
Noches: 4
Fecha de reserva: 02.04.2016
Huespedes: 2 Adultos 1 Niño
Habitación: Junior Suite - Cosmo Style Room
Régimen: Media Pensión
Precio total: 147€
Extras: Cuna Botella de Cava
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Where to find the 5 best ‘ensaimadas’ in Mallorca

In Mallorca there is a typical and representative product that, without a doubt, everyone knows: the ‘ensaimada’. This sweet is a delight for the palate of all those who come to the island wanting to discover the authentic Mallorcan gastronomy. Today, from the Hotel Cosmopolitan Mallorca, we are going to reveal to you the name of five establishments where you will taste the best ‘ensaimadas’ in Mallorca.

Did you know that the first written references to this delicacy date back to the 17th century? This sweet is made with eggs, flour, sugar, water, sourdough and lard, although over the years different recipes and different fillings have been made.The ‘ensaimada’ is a product that can be found in practically all bakeries and food stores on the island. You can find the classic ones; known by the locals as "ensaïmada llisa"; or stuffed ones, with cream, pumpkin or chocolate.

We highly recommend that you try the ‘ensaimada’ from one of the most emblematic establishments in Palma: Ca’n Joan de S’Aigo. It is a cafeteria established in 1700, known by all the locals and increasingly, by all the tourists who visit Mallorca. In the heart of the city you will find three stores, each one with its own characteristic and decoration. We suggest you have your ‘ensaimada’ with an almond ice cream, another of its most popular specialties. You can enjoy this gastronomic experience right there or you can order their products to take away.

The Reina María Cristina patisserie is also a well-known bakery where you will find ‘ensaimadas’ and other typical sweets of this land. This place is not located in the center of the city but, without a doubt, it is worth going there to savor its delicious ‘ensaimadas’.

We continue our particular list of bakeries with one of the most symbolic in the city: the Forn des Teatre. As soon as you arrive there, you will not only fall in love with its modernist architecture, this century-old oven makes all kinds of sweet and savory pastries. We advise you that in addition to trying their ‘ensaimadas’, you also have to try their famous ‘gatós’.

Located in the heart of Palma, the ‘S’Estació’ bakery has offered its visitors gastronomic products from Mallorca since 1870. As soon as you enter, you will be surprised by its particular glass floor through which you can see how the bakers work and make sweets. Seeing how these gastronomic delights are prepared under your feet, is an experience that you cannot miss.

Finally, we are going to recommend a coffee shop that has discovered how to combine the tradition with the modern life, since you can try their pastries by placing an order over the Internet. In the Forn del Sant Cristo you can taste ensaimadas and typical cakes of the Balearic Islands. In addition, you have the option of asking for a special packaging to take them by plane.

 Due to the popularity of this gastronomic product, there are many places where you can find this sweet. With this list of the most traditional and artisan bakeries in Palma, you will no longer have any doubts about where to try the authentic Mallorcan ‘ensaimada’.

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