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Daniel Bonet López

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Daniel Bonet López

Reservas activas:

Actualmente no tiene ningúna reserva.

Reservas vencidas:

97U45 - del 10.06.2016 al 17.06.2016

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Entrada: 10.06.2016
Salida: 14.06.2016
Noches: 4
Fecha de reserva: 02.04.2016
Huespedes: 2 Adultos 1 Niño
Habitación: Junior Suite - Cosmo Style Room
Régimen: Media Pensión
Precio total: 147€
Extras: Cuna Botella de Cava
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‘Nit de l’Art’, when art takes to the streets

Next Saturday night, 23rd of September, Palma de Mallorca will celebrate the ‘Nit de l’Art’, a traditional event that sets the artistic season out in Balearic capital.

Many cities around the world hold this special night, known internationally as ‘Nuit Blanche’. In Palma, galleries and museums join together to celebrate this great event at the same time and transform the City (especially the historical center) into a major artistic route to delight the most cultural lovers.

The first ‘Nit de l’Art’ edition was celebrated in 1997, based on a local gallery idea located in Palma old town. Nowadays, twenty years later, that original initiative has become quite an artistic event that gets well-known contemporary artists and people of all ages together to experience a tour to find out the treasure hidden behind the city’s old walls.

Over the years, institutions, galleries and museums have gone hand in hand and completed this artistic meeting with big concerts and performances in different squares and public areas, giving rise to the artistic night of the year.

It’s a perfect plan when visiting Mallorca these days. Don’t hesitate it and join the city center, 10 minutes walk from Cosmopolitan Hotel, and enjoy a magic night.

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