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Daniel Bonet López

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Daniel Bonet López

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Actualmente no tiene ningúna reserva.

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97U45 - del 10.06.2016 al 17.06.2016

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Entrada: 10.06.2016
Salida: 14.06.2016
Noches: 4
Fecha de reserva: 02.04.2016
Huespedes: 2 Adultos 1 Niño
Habitación: Junior Suite - Cosmo Style Room
Régimen: Media Pensión
Precio total: 147€
Extras: Cuna Botella de Cava
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The beauty of almond blossom in Mallorca

In winter the fields of the island of Mallorca are stained white, blue and pink forming a wonderful print. It is the time of the almond blossom.

Between the months of January and February the fields of Mallorca dress in white in a spectacle of great visual beauty. The almonds of the island begin to flower and form a mantle of train shades (white, blue and pink). This phenomenon anticipates the arrival of spring to the Mallorcan island and has been recorded throughout history in photographs, paintings and novels.

This blanket of “white snow” extends to the other islands of the Balearic archipelago, where in the spring season more than three million almond trees blossom.

In Mallorca this phenomenon extends throughout the island, but is especially abundant in the municipalities of Marratxí, Bunyola and Sóller. These areas coincide with the largest areas of almond production in Mallorca. Although there are also many almond trees in the areas of Santa Maria, Sencelles, Lloseta and Selva.

Other excellent locations to contemplate this white spectacle are the monastery of San Salvador, the Hermitage of Bonay or the Puig de Randa.

An irresistible visit is the train journey between Palma de Mallorca and the charming town of Sóller. Wonderful fields of almond, orange and lemon trees can be seen. In addition, other excellent views like those of Inca, Llucmajor and Felanitx are recommended.

It is in summer when the almond is collected in the traditional way. The peasants strike the tall branches of the almond trees and then pick the fruit that is spread to their feet in a canvas.

Once the fruit has been picked, various products are made: the perfume “Flor d’Ametler” or the “Ametlla de Mallorca” brand. Likewise, in the gastronomy sector various popular recipes such as the “gató” (Almond Cake) with almond ice cream, almond milk, almond nougat or almond oil are made.

From the Hotel Cosmopolitan we offer you the best offers so that your stay in Mallorca will be unique and unforgettable.

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