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Daniel Bonet López

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Daniel Bonet López

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97U45 - del 10.06.2016 al 17.06.2016

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Entrada: 10.06.2016
Salida: 14.06.2016
Noches: 4
Fecha de reserva: 02.04.2016
Huespedes: 2 Adultos 1 Niño
Habitación: Junior Suite - Cosmo Style Room
Régimen: Media Pensión
Precio total: 147€
Extras: Cuna Botella de Cava
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5 Memories of Mallorca

Travelling to Mallorca is much more than just travelling, it’s living –in its purest form– in a Mediterranean island that has preserved its culture, traditions, and gastronomy. Many memories will remain in your mind. You will feel the love and power of Mediterranean nature and going back home won’t be the same.

Maybe it is because of its people, its myths, its landscapes, or its beaches… travelling to Mallorca will fill your heart and you will feel a regenerating energy, even when you are not in the island anymore.


Let’s start highlighting the beauty of local fabrics, a fabric that you will be able to see, smell, and touch, and distinguish its prettiness and quality through all your senses. We are talking about “la tela de llengües,” a centenary Majorcan fabric and one of the most unique customs in Mallorca.

It’s a traditional fabric, in the past called “flámulas” because of its characteristic shape that seems to imitate the form of fire.

You can find this fabric in some of the traditional textile workshops from the island such as “Teixits Vicens.” You will be able to take a piece of Majorcan essence in the form of a pillow, a bag, or even bedding.


Another wonder in Mallorca is the sea, and this gives us the “Sal d’Es Trenc,” a unique salt because of its composition and flavour. It’s a salt with a high content of minerals and magnesium, with a crispy flavour, like glass.

The most sybarite ones recommend to use it in cold dishes as well as in hotones, after cooking and as a final touch.

You will find different brands such as “Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc,” which offers 100% natural and pure salt from Es Trenc. They also have different varieties to suit the tastes of the most demanding palates.


Haven’t you heard the sound of a “Siurell” yet? This clay figure, characteristic of the Majorcan pottery, was made by women since time immemorial and there are many theories regarding its origins.

This little whistle, in the shape of a figure, was used as a tool to control herds and to compose songs during rest time, present in the famous Majorcan folk dances. Get inside the beauty of this work of art that was, also, an essential tool for any farmer or shepherd family in the island of Mallorca.


Spending some days in Mallorca is wonderful and even more if you enjoy some of its most traditional roads or paths.

We are talking about the “camí de Pedra en Sec,” also known as the GR 221, a path that will allow you to explore the Sierra de Tramuntana, discover historical traces, travel myths, and enjoy gastronomy and local crafts.

Currently, the route has 167 km and is divided into 4 stages that connect towns –which will make you feel as in medieval times– like Deià and Pollença or Banyalbufar and Esporles.

We are talking about discovering the Sierra de Tramuntana, World Heritage Site, in its purest, wildest, and most preserved form, a mountainous place that for many years has known how to be apart from the world.


Blown glass is a Majorcan technique whose origins date back to the 2nd century B.C. This process is used to create all kinds of objects and is the most widespread one.

This process consists in inserting molten glass into an iron tube and blowing at the other end, and then this inflates like a balloon.

You will be able to find some of the best pieces of art made with blown glass in Mallorca in Vidrieres Gordiola, a traditional, familiar shop located in the beautiful town of Algaida.

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